How Do Illegal Drugs Cross The U.S.-Mexico Border?

APRIL 6, 2019

FORMER CBP COMMISSIONER GIL KERLIKOWSKE: So if the majority of illicit drugs or drugs that are currently illegal are coming through legal ports of entry, is there something being done that could make a scrutiny at the border more secure or more effective or could address that problem?

Well, there are a couple things. One – and I talked about the U.S. mail service. Almost 90 percent of the international packages, mail that comes into the country comes in through the postal service, not through UPS or FedEx. And those companies do a very good job of trying to regulate and keeping illegal things out. The postal service is a bit difficult, and that is why Congress and I supported this in a letter, pass the STOP Act, to require that packages coming in – that there would be a manifest with the information about what was in that package 24 hours in advance. That would go a long way at stopping because fentanyl, just a small amount of fentanyl, can turn a huge profit.