Americans for Securing All Packages is working to close a dangerous security loophole that is leaving our families and communities vulnerable

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Over one million packages are shipped into the U.S. from foreign countries every day without the advanced electronic security data needed by intelligence agencies to monitor high risk items

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Editorial: To catch mass killer, focus on fentanyl shipments

JANUARY 7, 2017

By the USA Today Editorial Board

The Postal Service could more easily spot fentanyl if it had some basic data — who and where the package is coming from and the recipient’s name and address — in advance. That would “aid in targeting shipments,” a top Customs official told a Senate hearing last May. Although a federal law has required private shippers to provide advance electronic data since 2002, the Postal Service’s participation was left up to the postmaster general and leaders of another Cabinet department.  More than 15 years later, the Postal Service still doesn’t demand this advance data from all countries.

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